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Providing a personal service at an unbelievable price whilst giving you guarantees and codes of practice to give ultimate peace of mind. We understand that everyone's financial circumstances are different, however we look at each case differently to help to obtain the best deal possible. With extensive knowledge of the local area and properties Kingsly can give you an accurate property valuation.

read more › Being one of the top companies to work for in the UK was given to us because of our efforts to make Kingsly a great place to work. We really care about our team and their welfare. You will have your own designated property manager. You will only have to deal with the one negotiator throughout the process and they will communicate feedback on the sale of your space every week. Our staff are trained in a positive culture where "doing their best" is noticed and rewarded. So you can be sure that your space is in highly capable, expert hands.

read more › A new website 'I am moving' allows you to tell many organisations including gas and telephone companies of your new address - all for FREE. Contact your local council's council tax office to let them know the date you move out of your current property and when you move into your new one so they bill you correctly. You need to tell them at least 48 hours in advance that you are moving. Pass on the details of your current supplier to the people moving in. On your moving day you will need to read the meters in both properties so the correct bills can be issued.

read more › Unfortunately, in today's fluctuating property market, it is more and more common for purchasers to be gazumped and vendor's gazundered. Kingsly Estate Agents have the solution. Gazumping happens when a seller who has already accepted one buyer's offer then goes on to accept a higher offer, pushing the first buyer out of the picture. It can come about at any point before contracts are exchanged, as until the papers are signed there is no legal obligation to either buy or sell. Gazumping is a horror that estate agents are powerless to stop.

read more › Solicitors/Conveyancers play an essential role in the house buying process. Choose your solicitor wisely, try and have a firm recommended to you. A lot of sales fall through due to time taken for the conveyancing work to be completed. You should try and find out how experienced they are, how fast they move (which is very important) and whether or not they provide regular updates. Obtain a copy of the draft contract and the title deeds from the vendor's solicitors which proves that the sellers own the property.

read more › In most cases you will need to save some form of deposit (usually around 10% of the purchase price). When working out your budget, you need to be honest and realistic about your outgoings and affordability. You also need to include conveyancing fees, stamp duty, insurance payments and premiums. It's a good idea, before you start viewing properties to draw up a list of 'must-have' criteria that are absolutely essential and not a compromise. Then draw up a list of 'luxury' criteria which would be nice to have but aren't a deal breaker if the property doesn't have them.

read more › A repayment mortgage is one where you pay off both the original loan and the interest on that loan via monthly payments to the lender. At the start of the mortgage, your monthly payments consist of mainly paying the interest and only a small amount of the original loan. The further into the mortgage term you go, the more of the loan repayment gets paid off each month so you own more of the property. An interest-only mortgage is one where you only pay the interest on the loan month by month, and still owe the lender the whole of original sum borrowed until the end of the mortgage.

read more › They often contain lots of useful information on the local area, transport links and leisure and recreation facilities. Visit the Office for Standards in Education (OFSED) website for all information on local primary and secondary schools as well as reports on nurseries and special schools, etc. For information on the London Underground, DLR, Buses, journey planners, etc visit Transport for London. For information on what congestion charging is and when and where it operates visit the CC site. A tenancy agreement is a legal agreement in writing that sets out the rights and responsibilities of both landlord and tenant.

read more › You will be able to see how energy efficient and environmentally friendly the property is and be able to assess whether you can save money on utility bills. It will also provide information on how to reduce the running cost of the property. So make sure your new Landlord has one! The certificate includes recommendations on ways to improve the home's energy efficiency to save you money and help the environment. Part of the EPC is a recommendation report which will list the potential rating that the property could achieve, if the Landlord made changes.

read more › From now on, when you pay a deposit, your landlord or agent must protect it using a government authorised tenancy deposit scheme. At the beginning of a new tenancy agreement, pay your deposit to your landlord or agent as usual. You have a responsibility to return the property in the same condition that it was let to you, allowing for fair wear and tear. Check the circumstances in which your landlord or agent could have a claim on your deposit. You can apply to your local county court. The court can order the landlord or agent to either repay the deposit to you or protect it in a scheme.

read more › But, something like 95 per cent of all property deals in the UK are conducted with the help of estate agents. So we must be doing something right! We will remain in touch with all parties - buyers, sellers, solicitors and mortgage lenders - to make the deal as smooth and as stress free as possible for you. We will be on the lookout for anything untoward, be wise to all the likely pitfalls and on the day of completion be available to hand over the keys with a big smile on our faces.

read more › One of our qualified staff will come and inspect your space and give you sound advice on all aspects of selling your home. Our knowledge of what is in demand means we can recommend improvements where needed, to achieve not only the best price, but in a timescale that suits you. This really helps take the stress out of the process and means that you'll be selling your space on your terms! Depending on your space's quality, size and location, our experienced team will recommend the appropriate asking price.

read more › Even if you are the cleanest, tidiest person in town, the reality is that you are probably going to need to do at least a few things to spruce up your home. Get the carpets, sofa covers, oven and windows cleaned and pay special attention to the kitchen and bathrooms, which need to be inviting and hygienic. Even if arranged neatly it will make your home not only appear smaller and messier, but can distract your prospective buyers, so they won't notice all the positive qualities your space has to offer.

read more › Our service to you begins with a free valuation. One of our experienced Negotiators will come and inspect your space to get a better understanding of your needs and how we can help you achieve the best possible price. Our specialist knowledge of the property market means we can give you sound advice on all aspects of letting your home to achieve not only the best price, but in a timescale that suits you. Depending on your property's quality, size and location, our experienced team will recommend the appropriate asking price.

read more › Before you place your property on the rental market, you may first need to obtain permission from your Mortgage Company, Freeholder or Managing Agent (where applicable), to allow you to rent. You may find some will not allow you to let the property at all, whilst some will insist on seeing references before giving you the go ahead. You may incur a small fee before you receive permission. There can be up to two weeks delay before everything is approved so ensure you have the necessary approval before lining up a tenant.

read more › It is now an offence to install any furniture in let properties which does not comply with the regulations. The regulations apply to beds, mattresses and headboards, scatter cushions and pillows, stretch or loose covers for furniture, children's furniture, garden furniture and any items of similar type fillings of which must carry the appropriate labels of compliance. Upholstered furniture must have fire resistant filling material and must pass a cigarette resistance test. All gas appliances and associated pipe work and flues should be maintained to ensure they are safe to use.

read more › Realising that different landlords require different levels of assistance, Kingsly provides a tailor made service to suit your needs - offering however much, or little involvement from our team as you require. Increasingly, both private and corporate tenants are demanding professionally managed lets - just one reason that our tailor made, comprehensive property management is an essential part of our lettings service. After finding you a tenant, we look after both parties throughout the tenancy.

read more › Each landlord is required to join a Government-accredited tenancy deposit protection scheme. The Tenant can apply to the Court for an order seeking repayment of the deposit, or an order compelling compliance. If you have not protected the deposit, and fail to do so, the court must order you, the landlord, to pay the tenant a fine equivalent to three times the deposit, which must be paid by you within 14 days. Also, you will lose your automatic right to regain possession of the property at the end of the tenancy, unless you have protected the deposit in a scheme and given the tenant information about how it is protected.

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