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Landlord Direct Landlord Direct are based in West Bridgford, Nottingham, but our portfolio of properties are located across the U.K., and we deal with property investments that include; longer term rental properties, city short stay developments, and holiday letting especially in North Norfolk being the nearest coast for Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire & Rutland.

Landlord Direct are an experienced property lettings team, who deliver an excellent service at very competitive rates. We achieve this by utilising the best of online technology in conjunction with a friendly 'person to person' delivery of our services to our clients. We are the ideal partner for the private property investor looking for sensibly priced letting services backed up by a wide range of property experience and excellent client reviews.

Coversure is was one of the largest property insurance brokers in the U.K. speak to Paul Harle and his experience team to check you are getting good value for money and a proper level of cover.

read more › Landlord Direct offers good old fashioned service, person to person. We have a loyal following of landlords built up over the last 15 years and continue to deliver a quality led service. Advertise your rented property on Rightmove for up to 3 months - landlord carries out viewings. Virtual viewings - we will convert your mobile phone property tour videos and upload them onto Rightmove. Landlord Direct is here to make sure our clients let their properties in line with current regulations, and our friendly staff liaise with landlords throughout the process.

read more › Use this tool to upload your property photos for use with the tenant find service. Enter the same name and street you used when submitting your order previously so we can identify your listing. You can rotate the photos if you like using the circle arrows shown when hovering the mouse over the photo.

read more › It is a legal requirement that property offered for rent must have an Energy Performance Certificate in place. They can be ordered online, they are relatively inexpensive, and once obtained last for 10 years. It is now a legal requirement for landlords to obtain and display an E.P.C. on their rental property advertising. By law you must now display the whole front page of the EPC document on your property adverts and written property details. Landlords must obtain a copy of their E.P.C.'s in a file format that can be uploaded to internet adverts, called a PDF File.

read more › Landlord Direct can offer an experienced & cost - effective short stay rental & holiday letting service. We are a registered ' Safe Agent' so all our client funds are protected and properly insured. There has been strong growth in the amount of landlords deciding to offer their properties on a short stay or holiday let basis. Many landlords are sick of over bearing letting regulation, being tied into longer fixed term tenancy agreements, tenant bias with the Tenancy Deposit Scheme and arrears process, problems with utility usage, and know that building weekly cleaning into the rental, keeps their property to a high standard.

read more › FREE online gas, electric, water supplier registration for new tenant occupiers email : Compare from the best online catalogues all on one site, delivery and installation available on most products where required. Your moving in to your new house or flat, so you will need to organise a phoneline and Broadband Connection, so make sure you take advantage of the best deals in the telecommunication market, and reduce your living costs. Just moved into your hopefully rather cool new apartment or house, you need some some new music to get that new home, feel good factor, your bound to have lots of visitors to entertain so create the mood, new home, new life, new music.

read more › We appreciate this is a very difficult time for many and will work with you and your landlord to get through this. Options might include a deferment on rent owed, or a payment plan. However, you should be aware that you will still owe this money and it will need to be repaid within an agreed time-frame. Whether you are currently on Universal Credit or claiming this benefit for the first time because of the circumstances you find yourself in, there is a raft of support in place for you to help you through this period.

read more › It is good news for both tenants and landlords, that the government has now set out a procedure relating to the return of Tenant's Deposits at the end of a tenancy. A professional inventory will be taken at the commencement of your tenancy, and one copy of this inventory will be supplied to our tenant/s. Landlord Direct is a fully bonded agent, and as such is authorised to hold deposit monies in a protected account on behalf of both the tenant and landlord. If there should be any disagreement between the landlord and tenant at the end of a tenancy then the matter is automatically referred to the The Dispute Service an official body set up by the government to oversee and adjudicate in tenant deposit disputes.

read more › All our student tenancies must be approved by a parent or guardian. Each student must have a parental guarantor who is willing to guarantee the rent payments for their son or daughter. This is a standard in the student lettings market. Non-U.K.International students may opt to pay the rent in full in advance, we arrange this on an individual basis. In these cases a Parental Guarantor will not be required.

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