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Revolution Property Management Property management is being shaken up by Revolution through our new ways of delivering customer service and with our unique transparent customer portal. We offer a fresh, transparent approach with exceptional communication, planning and structure that is designed to give you confidence. When new customers join Revolution, one of the main drivers from them changing has been a feeling of no control or understanding of what is happening at their development.

We are kings of embracing new technology; something not normally done in property management. As you go through our site you will see many references to our industry-leading property portal. We have designed this from the bottom up with you in mind. No one else has or can use our portal software. We've made for you the property management filing cabinet.

From your accounts, reports, surveys, etc these are all online. We also store your building codes, maintenance plans, future plans and much more. The transparency continues with you being able to see all your emails to us along with our responses.

read more › A property management company with an open and transparent approach that's making a big difference to customers across the North West. Revolution Property Management has been an property management company for over ten years based in the North West. Revolution was born out of frustration with poor service from the property management company that managed the building where he lived. This inspired us to create a company that would deliver the service that owners desire, fully committed to the core values of excellent customer service and transparency.

read more › We are a dedicated team of property professionals who are proud to serve our customers and what's more, we're really good at it. Here, you can learn a little bit more about what we do and who we are. In the world of being connected online it's easy to forget we are all people, so have a look at who you are speaking to within Revolution. As an apartment building management company, we aim to be the most connected and online apartment building management company you will meet. Our systems are designed to be way ahead of our competition and to deliver what you have come to expect as normal from other companies.

read more › From arranging essential repairs and maintenance work to providing assistance with legal and accounting issues, Revolution work for you with transparency and honesty. We have brought a Revolution to the property management market. Through innovative technology and an open, transparent approach we help our customers take control. For a transparent approach to property management, talk to the team at Revolution Property Management. Our residential property Building Managers cover Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Preston, Sheffield, Birmingham and the surrounding areas.

read more › Moving to Revolution requires determination on your part and work on ours. We do everything for you including collecting data from the old management company, checking it, working through debts, building issues, etc. The only thing we can't do is give your current management company their notice. This requires your determination. Don't beat yourself up over where you currently are. Now is the time to focus on a new management company and a new direction for the building going forward. The past cannot be rewritten but the future can.

read more › We imagine if you're here then you're probably not happy with your current property management company. If this is the case, it could be for a number of reasons from poor customer service through to poor financial control. The customer service items we can't really help assess for you, but we can help with a review of the finances. Given that we manage a substantial portfolio of buildings we know what things cost and where things can be more than they should be. Did you know insurance can be inflated by up to 40% by the company placing the policy?

read more › We've collected a number of pages together under this header based on the main questions potential new customers ask us when we start to talk to them. Don't forget to make use of our download documents and other services which are free to you under our steps to help section. If you have any questions for us, however complex, call us and speak to Anand or Nathan. Between us there won't be many problems in property management that we have not come across. Revolution operates throughout the north west with the concentration of our business in and around Manchester.

read more › When we talk to new buildings, a common theme we hear from residents regarding communication is that they never hear from their existing property management company. We hear this clearly and have a number of routes to communicate with our customers and vice-versa. All communication with Revolution ends up as a ticket in our system with a unique reference number. You can then log into your MyRevolution account and see all your outstanding and completed tickets in one place. We can also send one ticket to everyone in a particular building or floor of a building.

read more › From the moment we are given the appointment to manage a site one of the first tasks that we undertake is to open two bank accounts. These are independent bank accounts and are in the client name i.e. Across all our buildings we encourage monthly payments of service charge. This has historically made budgeting for leaseholders much easier and the result of this has been much lower service charge debt ratios. You can pay us by cheque but not cash. You can pay us by single bank transfers or you can set up a standing order from your bank account to pay us monthly.

read more › Our groundbreaking interactive portal puts you in control, offering you more information about your development than you can see with other agents. When you sit down and meet other property managers, ask them what accounting package they use. Nearly everyone will be using the same product. It's a great product, but what this means is each one of those people will give you exactly the same service, reports, planning and customer portal. We wanted to be different and so we have built the MyRevolution customer portal and building management system from the ground up.

read more › At Revolution, we continually fight to reduce costs. One key area which should be focused on is the cost of building insurance. There are normally two options in relation to placing the insurance policy in apartment buildings; one option being the freeholder has the right to insure the building, and the other being the Property Management Company on behalf of the building. If you are lucky the management company will have the right to insure the build. If the freeholder has the right to ensure the building you have no decision-making over where the insurance policy is placed or its cost.

read more › Any building cannot function without money. We all know this but your property management company should try to make your life as easy as possible to allow easy household budgeting for service charge collection. Everyone is offered a monthly payment plan for service charge regardless of the lease stipulation. We've found this to be the easiest route to stopping customers falling into arrears. We also allow payments to be made online, by standing order and some sites by direct debit. In this modern world the only thing we can't accept is cash.

read more › Sinking funds, future expenditure, preventative maintenance plans. There are so many names for what is the same thing; a pot of money to spend on your building in the future. There is no set process for calculating this. Some property managers simply put a bit of money aside each year. We don't agree with this process. You need to get saving as there are so many things you'll need doing. Decorating, new carpets, new lifts, CCTV replacement, replacing car park doors, new lighting, new fans, and the list goes one.

read more › When Revolution was originally started we employed a small team of maintenance people as we thought this would be the best way of giving the most efficient service. We were so wrong. When we started tendering for new buildings we found that new buildings really didn't like the property management company also invoicing for the maintenance. When listening to these people, you could really understand their concerns. They didn't see this as being an efficient process but as a way for the property management company to take more money from their accounts.

read more › At Revolution, we want to give you guidance on choosing a new property management company. Our competitors will tell you all about themselves. We want this process to be all about you. To take some of the concern out of contacting us, we thought you'd like to see who would be helping with your enquiry, and then possibly long-term the management of your site. At Revolution, we have helped over 3000 people similar to you who wanted to move to a new property management company. We love managing buildings where the leaseholders (apartment owners) are in charge.

read more › Tim is your man for checking everything that comes from the last property management company. If you choose Revolution as your new property management company in the first few months of being with us you will spend a lot of time talking with Tim Jacomb. Tim's role is not to manage your building but to get your building ready for management. What does that actually mean? From the minute you decide you want to move to Revolution we have a set movement process that Tim manages. This involves a lot of work with the outgoing agent to gain information needed for the future management of your building.

read more › Say hello to Matt, Linda, Laura and Justin, the Revolution family of building managers. So, what does the building manager do for you? Your building manager is there to manage your day-to-day activities for the building directors and residents' associations. They manage the finances through to maintenance projects and problem-solving. Most of their time is spent working with the management board at each building. They manage the higher-level activities to ensure we produce the Revolution product you desire.

read more › The property administrator works with your building manager. You might view them as the building manager's internal assistant. Their role is to take all the inbound communication from site and where possible resolve the problems. Each site is allocated a management team consisting of a building manager and also a property administrator. The property administrator will take all calls and communication in from site. They are office-based and will always be the point of contact for the residents of the site so they get to know the residents and vice versa.

read more › At Revolution, we are keen to make property management and managing apartment blocks work for the greater good. We'll look at any ideas to see if we can make them work and create funding for projects. We have looked for solutions to make residents live easier whilst producing support for charities. If you have any ideas around fundraising inside buildings, again we're happy to discuss options.

read more › As we manage a number of buildings in Manchester City Centre we have experienced first hand the homeless epidemic which has hit the city over the past 12 months. We can't say we have the answers but our directors wanted to help a little and make a change, Read their story below. Early in 2017 Michelle and Anand decided to do something to try and help homeless people in Manchester but didn't know where to start. They approached CEO Sleepout and liked the approach of experiencing sleeping out (all be it in safe surrounds which we know homeless people do not have the luxury of).

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