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PMD Property Management If you need to sell your property quickly in order to finance all or part of your residential or nursing home care or you have a relative in this position, we can help. We appreciate that as we get older, unexpected things can happen with health and we have the finance available to purchase homes quickly from people who need our services the most.

In the current economic downturn, there are thousands of people who can no longer afford to cover the repayments on loans that they took out at a time when they were more financially secure, so you are not alone in your predicament. We are in a position to help you make a quick property sale before repossession proceedings begin or at most stages during the process.

Interest rates are likely to increase during the next year according to the Bank of England so if you are looking for a quick sale before that happens; you have nothing to lose by asking us to make an offer. If you need to sell your property fast, we have immediate funds available.

read more › PMD Property Management is a company that was set up by a group of investors, directly as a result of many people throughout the UK experiencing difficulties either in selling their homes or keeping up with the payments on their mortgages. There are numerous reasons why a homeowner might need a quick sale, one of the main reasons being repossession. Many elderly people who need to move into residential care often have to sell their home in order to finance part of the care, leaving them with nothing.

read more › PMD Property Management offers a comprehensive range of property solutions to all property owners particularly, but not exclusively, to those in distressed circumstances. Bereavement is not only upsetting for all concerned but the complications of inheritance, if the value of a property is meant to be split multiple ways thats where the problem is caused. Alternatively you may have a property a far distance away that is difficult to maintain and keep secure. In the current housing market the sale may take a very long time and this is where PMD Property Management can help.

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